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What is your EtiQ?

What is your EtiQ?


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Promoting Professionalism-
Creating the Excellent Patient Experience
Distance Learning Program

Healthcare is changing.

Are you?

"Promoting Professionalism - Creating the Excellent Patient Experience" distance learning program can be taken as an office study or individually at your own computer as part of an on-boarding process for new employees or just as continual learning.

Investment of time 
The program is divided into three modules:
- Each module has four to five 20 minute videos.
You may want to allot 30 minutes to one hour for video and group discussion/interaction.
This program in its entirety will encompass at total of 14 videos and take approximately five and one-half hours of learning.

The program can be taken on your schedule. There is not optimal method. Some clients may want to take one 20 minute segment a week, others may want to speed up by taking a whole module at a time, and still others may want to spread out the process for maximum discussion.

- The videos are in an MP4 format.
- The program is lead by a facilitator in your office
- There is a handout in a PDF format for each module. The handouts can be use to facilitate note taking and/or for group discussion.

Program Outline
The program is taught in three modules:
Module 1 - The Healthcare Professional
Module 2 - The Successful Team
Module 3 - Delivering Excellent Patient Care

Module One - The Healthcare Professional
Module one contains five parts and will take approximately two hours of video time
Module One - Part One - Why Are We Here
Module One - Part Two - Beliefs and Values  

See a three minute sample of Module One - Part Two below

Module One - Part Three - Positive Perceptions
Module One - Part Four - The Visual Impression - part 1
Module One - Part Five - The Visual Impression - part 2

Module Two - The Successful Team
Module two contains five parts and will take approximately two hours of video time
Module Two - Part One - Beliefs and Values 

See a two minute sample of Module Two - Part One below

Module Two - Part Two - Communication - part 1
Module Two - Part Three - Communication - part 2
Module Two - Part Four - Components of Teamwork
Module Two - Part Five - Attitude

Module Three - Delivering Excellent Patient Care
Module Three contains four parts and will take approximately one and one-half hours of video time
Module Three - Part One - Customer Service Introduction, Customer Expectations

See a three minute sample of Module Three - Part One below

Module Three - Part Two - Exceeding Customer Expectations - part 1
Module Three - Part Three -Exceeding Customer Expectations - part 2
Module Three - Part Four - Exceeding Customer Expectations - part 3

Each module has handouts that are printable. They may also have additional reading and videos for further learning.

For a free telephone consultation about this program or for more information, please call us at 843-207-1025.

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