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"Teaching business etiquette as the subtle, redefining confidence which enables people to excel and succeed in today's corporate culture."~ Cindy Grosso, Founder

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What is your EtiQ?

What is your EtiQ?


In this age of vulgarity and rudeness, teaching kids manners is more important than ever  Read More >>

Afternoon Teas with kids 

Mocktails & Mingling event helps students prepare for careers  Read More >>

National Civility Lesson plan

18 down loadable manners lessons that can be used for that semester or spread throughout the year. The lessons and assignment pages are printed right from your computer. 

The program can be purchased as eighteen lessons or in two parts:
Part 1 - Lessons one through nine
Part 2 - Lessons ten through eighteen 

Part 1 - 
- Lesson One - What are manners?
- Lesson Two - Why are manners important?
- Lesson Three - How many manners do you know?
- Lesson Four - Hello and goodbye
- Lesson Five - The magic word
- Lesson Six - Giving and receiving compliments
- Lesson Seven - Using proper titles
- Lesson Eight - Proper introductions
- Lesson Nine - The proper handshake 

Part 2 -
- Lesson Ten - Being humble
- Lesson Eleven - Sportsmanship
- Lesson Twelve - Deference
- Lesson Thirteen - Thank you
- Lesson Fourteen - Telephone and cell phone manners
- Lesson Fifteen - Setting the table
- Lesson Sixteen - How to dine
- Lesson Seventeen - Kind word...kind world
- Lesson Eighteen - Listening

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