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What is your EtiQ?

What is your EtiQ?


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National Civility Educational Curriculum for Children

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South Carolina's leading protocol and etiquette school and global award winner, The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc., has developed a unique 18-week manners program curriculum that will teach elementary school age children, topics such as introductions, handshaking, table manners and thank you notes . . . to name a few. The curriculum provides interactive lessons and tools needed to facilitate teaching. Manners are such an important part of how a child learns to develop self-respect, character, relationships and leadership abilities. This curriculum will also help children become more self-confident, courteous, and give them the opportunity to master these important life skills. Manners are not just polite actions; they are a reflection of our attitudes. Therefore, when you teach a child manners, you are teaching an attitude, not an action. As a well known saying states, "The manners of today will be the morals of tomorrow".


How the program works:

How this program works is that you buy a one year subscription to this site that allows you access to the lesson plan with handouts, powerpoints and more.
Listen to an audio on how this program works:

Cindy speaks about The National Civility Program at South Carolina Education Conventions.

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Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive:
A life skills program with lessons written to help children throughout their entire lives.
- Equip your children with the tools necessary for self confidence

Your children will be in the know
- Do not let your children miss important events because they were afraid of embarrassing themselves - turn fear into confidence.

Developed by a global award winning etiquette expert 
- Have your children learn from a leader in the field

Developed to be taken on line
- Do not be intimidated by on-line learning.... it is user friendly, easy to navigate and understand.

Within a few seconds of ordering, you'll be interacting with the course
- Quick and easy access to the course, for your utmost convenience

Fun interactive program
- The program is visual and tactile, using methods of interaction for maximum learning while keeping your children's attention - it's a creative way to help fulfill their success

You will receive a certificate of completion
- Visual proof of accomplishment for them to see and feel proud of from a leader of manners in modern America

It can be repeated as often as needed
- Don't worry if you have to stop and start as time allows or you need to re-due a lesson. You can take these lessons as often as you like

You do not have to travel to take the course
- Save time and money, take the course anywhere where you can connect to the internet

You don't have to schedule a class
- Take the course at a time that is convenient for you

Available at several price points
- This program has several purchase options for people to meet their budgets

State of the art format
- The program is printed in a fun, colorful, easy to read and interesting format

Please click here to view the Lesson plan.

OPTIONAL: Teaching tool kit shipped to you via regular mail. The teaching tool kit consists of title-flash cards, place mat, napkin, thank you notes, compliment puzzle cards, kind word bracelet, cell phone card, and more..all in a nylon drawstring backpack.

Upon certification by the teacher/parent of completion of the program, a Certificate of Completion will be sent.

We look forward to being able to provide you with a top quality curriculum program to teach children that "Your Manners Matter"!

Click here to read the "Your Manners Matter National Civility Program" Information Flyer.

"YOUR MANNERS MATTER NATIONAL CIVILITY PROGRAM now available with four purchasing options:

Option 1 - The program WITH teaching tool kit - $299.97
Option 1 is as listed above to include the 18 down loadable lessons, teaching tool kit mailed via US Post Office, certificate of completion, etc.
Option 1 is only available in the United States.

Option 2 - The program WITHOUT teaching tool kit - $249.97

Option 2 includes all 18 down loadable lessons, lesson plan, certificate of completion, etc. 
It does not include the teaching tool kit.
Option 2 is available worldwide.

If purchasing Option 2 you will need all or some of the following items:
The proper title-flash cards which can be downloaded from the members page, small gold stars, place setting to include placemat, napkins, silverware, dishes and glasses as outlined in the lesson, pencils, two plain thank you cards with envelopes. You must agree to our license agreement before you purchase, please read now.

Option 1 is only available in the United States and will not be shipped outside of the country. If are outside of the United States you may purchase the options without the teaching tool kit (options 2).

1. If you click the "Buy Now" button, it will take you to check out. After you complete your order, on the "Thank you for your purchase" page it will tell you to check your email for your username and password and give you the link to the Login page.

2. You must agree to our license agreement when you purchase.

"My name is Phyllis Lowder, director of PACESC,Parent's Association for Christian Education in SC. I am writing today to share with you a program that I am excited and passionate about. Every once in a while, a program comes along that not only teaches our children academically, but also prepares them socially and personally for the future. As we are all aware, we are living in a fast paced and often rude world. Today, manners are often not used...or even taught! The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette is presenting "Your Manners Matter" National Civility Program. It is my recommendation that you give possible consideration of this program for the growth of your child."

Phyllis Lowder
Parent Association for Christian Education in South Carolina

"I have been very pleased with this program. It is completely thorough and easy to teach. My child is learning easily. Through the use of this program, my shy-never-talk girl is blooming into a confident person. She will interact with store clerks, librarians and other adults politely and with wonderful manners. I've been complimented more than once on her actions. I have this class to thank for her manners."
K. Bianchi
Simpsonville, SC



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