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"Teaching business etiquette as the subtle, redefining confidence which enables people to excel and succeed in today's corporate culture."~ Cindy Grosso, Founder

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What is your EtiQ?


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Online Professional Table Manners

The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette

"Professional Table Manners" - 
The Art of the Business Meal...
The million dollar meal happens everyday in business!

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"Excellence in E-Learning" Global Award

The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette is pleased to announce the winning of the Bronze Medal for "Professional Table Manners" to the Excellence in Learning Awards. TraCorp, the custom content developer, chose to submit the course based on its all-around strengths in instructional design, assessment, interactivity, motivation, and aesthetics. For more information on the Excellence in Learning Awards, please go to

Cindy on Dr.Phil

Have you ever lost a critical deal over a business meal...
and how would you know if you did?

Webster defines confidence as faith or belief that you are acting in a right, proper and effective manners. (Websters 1:b) From this we learn that confidence therefore is rooted in manners and etiquette.

In today's society, with all the hectic schedules, eating together as a family is often not possible. This causes a problem, as many of us have not learned the social graces of dining or how to conduct business over a meal.

Not knowing what to do with your napkin, or understanding which fork to use, or even how to properly handle the fork, can make us feel self-conscious in certain situations. But honestly, most people are not just trying to learn manners, what they really want is not to make a fool of themselves at the Million Dollar Meal.

The Million Dollar Meal happens every day in business!!!

The million dollar meal is not about the value of the food, but about the value of the business that is won or lost over a meal. Even in today's relaxed corporate environment, poor manners are never looked upon favorably. People do notice and we speak loudly about ourselves as we demonstrate to others our professionalism.....or lack of it.

This is an issue because today a large amount of business is conducted out of the office and meetings are often held while dining. Are you and your company losing business because of less than polished behavior? The answer could be yes, and you may not realize it. As the saying goes, you don't know, what you don't know.
However, we do know that companies are losing money as associates, employees and corporate executives are not well versed in how to conduct business over a meal.

This course will enable you to be more confident, so whether dining with a friend, colleague, client or at the White House, you will handle yourself with confidence, style and in a world class manner.

This course will also help you to assist your guests to feel more comfortable and encourage business to be conducted in a more successful manner in any dining situation.

he business dining table is the single most important place your savvy is displayed.

If you'd like to fine tune your social skills, enrich your personal and professional life and turn
possible fear into confidence, then this may be important information for you.

Do You need this training?

Look at the list below to see if you may be hurting your career by not knowing
the following:

  • Do you know the difference between Continental and American styles of dining?
  • When to begin eating when you are the guest of honor?
  • When to begin the business part of the meal?
  • How many glasses of wine can you have at a business meal?
  • What to do with your silverware when you are finished dining?
  • If you can drink when someone has made a toast to you?
  • Where do you seat the guest of honor if you are the host?
  • What does it say about you in business, if you salt your food before you taste it?
  • How to dine continental with international guests and why would you do so?
  • What to pass if someone has asked you to pass the salt...and how does this relate to your ethics?
If you know the answers to these questions, or are still lack confidence in various dining settings, then you might not need my advice, but if you don't know the answers.....maybe you should read on a little further.

Why bother?
Are you an executive that is in a position where you can't promote competent individuals because they could embarrass you in social business interactions?
Are you one of those individuals that may have been passed over for promotion and you don't know why. It could very likely be that you just can't make the grade when it comes to having the personal skills for professional success.

Based on interviews, corporate America views a lack of table manners as a incomplete matter what your degree, and as being very self absorbed.

Competition is stiff these days....a company can not afford to put a multi-million dollar contract in the hands of someone who may ruin the deal because of social blunders.

Think I am kidding? A company (let's call it Company ABC for confidentiality purposes) I consult for was wanting to get a very large account. They sent an executive from their company to wine and dine the client.

A few days later Company ABC got a letter from the client explaining that he was not giving them his business because the Company ABC did not have the level of sophistication that the client was looking for and when the executive who was entertaining him ordered the "creme-brull" (as he called it) for dessert....the client knew it was over.

What's a business deal worth...hundreds? thousands? hundreds of thousands? or even millions? Is there such a thing as a million dollar meal? Afraid so....not the menu items...but the value of the current business and the potential future business that could be won or lost over the dining table.

Join the many that have completed this program and are now more confident in any and every dining situation and the great thing is you can increase these skills quickly, easily and confidently.

Professional Table Manners is the only program of its kind in the WORLD!

Here's how it works!

Yes, but why this course versus a book or a video?
This course is not a book or streaming video. It is a state of the art, interactive course that has audio and visual that speaks directly to you....It has:
  • Talking text
  • Click and drag table interaction
  • Questions with your responsive answers with the actual place setting and dining situations
  • Printable handouts for future use
Unlike a video that you just watch, or a book you just read, this is a course that involves participation from you will learn much more by doing than by just watching. It is an achievement because it is a course that you pass with a final test. You also receive a certificate that is suitable for framing. It can be repeated as often as needed.

Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive:

A concise course written for business and individual use

  • Spend less time trying to find answers to your dining questions - arm yourself with vital information and insights on how to have a successful meeting over a meal

You will be in the know

  • Do not miss important functions because you were afraid of embarrassing yourself or your company - turn fear into confidence

Developed with a global award winning custom developer

  • Do not be intimidated by on-line learning.... it is user friendly, easy to navigate and understand - teaches you new competitive skills

Within a few seconds of ordering, you'll be interacting with the course

  • Quick and easy access to the course, for your utmost convenience

Fun interactive program

  • The program is audio, visual and tactile, using all methods of interaction for maximum learning while keeping your attention - it's a creative way to help fulfill your success

You will receive a certificate that is suitable for framing

  • Proof of continuing education in the field of professional development that may be required by your company - invest in your future

It can be repeated as often as needed

  • Don't worry if you have to stop and start as time allows. You can take this course as often as you like within the supscription period and the program remembers where you've been - do not get left behind

You don't have to travel to take the course

  • Save time and money, take the course at home or at the office or anywhere where you can connect to the internet - turn your unproductive time into time well spent

You don't have to schedule a class

  • Take the course at a time that is convenient for you - flexible training option

Learn the American and Continental styles of dining

  • Feel confident entertaining American or International guests - fine tune your social skills

Printable handouts for you to keep

  • After completion, you will have a concise ready for print reference for future use - broadens your knowledge base

The ability to print the bonus e-books

  • You can print this e-book from your printer within seconds of ordering - quick, concise secrets for success

Although this course was written with the American and International business professional in mind, it will help anyone who wants to learn the graciousness of dining properly.

How to take the course

Online Version - Online Professional Table Manners will be available to you live, on the internet, for a period of four months. Upon purchase of this course, you will be immediately sent by email, a userID,password and hyperlink - valid for only one designated computer. Click the link, input the userID and password exactly as received (case sensitive), and begin training. So within minutes of registering for the course, you will be able to start training.

If you sit down to take the course in one sitting, it will take you 2 to 3 hours. If you do not have that much time, do not may stop at any time and the (online version) program will keep track of your progress. You may take the course as often as you wish in your allotted time frame. Your allotted time frame begins immediately at time of purchase.

Corporate Discounts:
Your company may be interested in significant savings by allowing your company professionals to train in etiquette at their own desk. The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette has arranged special pricing for multiple users. To obtain this pricing simply enter the number of users in the quantity box of the checkout section. Your discount will be automatically calculated. You will be sent a individual usercode and password for every course that is purchased. For example, a purchase of 100 units = 100 usercodes and passwords will be sent.


Topics Include
Entering and exiting the table
Place setting
Napkin etiquette
How to dine
Finger bowls
Final test

There is library button on the tool bar at the bottom of every page that will allow you to print handouts for future reference.

Final Test
At the end of the course is a final test. With a passing score of 85% or better you will be able to print your certificate. You may take the test as often as you wish, but your score will not be retained upon leaving the course. So when you score 85% or better, print your certificate before exiting the course.

Upon the successful completion of the final test, you will receive a Certificate from the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc.

The program includes:

-Host responsibilities
-Guest responsibilities
-How to e
nter and exit your chair
-When to start the business part of the meal
-Navigating the place setting
-Napkin etiquette
-How to handle the silverware
-Understanding finger bowls
-Final Assessment
-Printable Certificate
-Printable Handouts
-The Invitation - bonus e-book
-Business toasting - bonus e-book
-Follow-up business thank-you note: - bonus e-book

Your Investment $99.00 for 4 months

But that is not all!!!

You will also receive three bonuses for investing in this program.

Bonus #1:
 - For all version purchasers
Here's to You - A Briefing on the Art of Business Toasting Ebook

Bonus #2
-For Expanded Online Version and CD Version purchasers only
Meeting with Success Over a Meal - The Invitation Ebook

Bonus #3
- For Expanded Online Version and CD Version purchasers only
A Short note on Gratitude....Writing the Business Thank-You Note Ebook

These three e-books are concisely formatted, illustrated e-books, written with the business professional in mind....and when you order, you will be reading them in just a few minutes. All you have to have is the free Adobe Acrobat reader that almost all computers have already. 
Here's how to order right now!
Very Important Information!

Professional Table Manners - $99.00

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1. If you click the "Buy Now" button, it will take you to check out. After you complete your order, on the "Thank you for your purchase" page it will tell you to check your email for your username and password and give you the link to the dining training login page. On that page, ALSO click the "Download products" button to receive your three bonus e-books.
2. The computer you enter the pass code on will be the only computer the program will work from.
3. The name you type in will be the only name that will print on the certificate of completion and can not be changed.

You must agree to our license agreement before you purchase, please read now license agreement.

We hope you will join us in improving your professional and personal savvy!

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