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What is your EtiQ?


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The Code of Distinction

Reflecting your Personal Brand with Excellence

Code of Distinction

The Code of Distinction is an exceptional book that challenges individuals to understand their personal brand, take ownership of who they are, elevate their brand to the highest level, then give it away.
The following is the introduction to the book:

Read the introduction:

"More than six billion people currently inhabit our world, and no two have the same fingerprints, retina, or DNA. All of these are unique to each person, and any one of them can provide an individual's identity, an identity that is like no one else in the entire world. Each person is a one-of-a-kind creation, made with the potential to impact the world in a way that only he or she can!

As we race against time on this planet, and as fast as you just read that, did you really just understand, there is a calling on your life that only you can hear, should you decide to listen? That is pretty exciting when we understand who we are and decide to live that life with distinction. This book is about your story -- tell it with excellence."

According to a study conducted by the Stanford Research Institute, Harvard University, and the Carnegie Foundation, 85% of your professional success is attributed to your social skills, or polish and only 15% from your technical knowledge. When you compare two equally qualified employment candidates, the skills of polish they have acquired through the years will provide a competitive advantage when competing in the real world.

If polish is so important, how much time have you invested in the understanding this skill? Hopefully your journey has included learning this expertise. A journey, we call the journey of civility. The problem is, most of us have never heard of this journey, and when we enter the professional world, we are expected not only to know of this journey, but to perform well according to its standards, called polish.

The Code of Distinction is developed for the individual desiring and preparing for success. The benefits realized from the understanding and skills provided in the Code of Distinction are some of the greatest investments you can make in your career, relationships, and quality of life.

Praise for Code of Distinction:

"This book is a great investment for any college student preparing for a successful career - a must read."
- Richard Sand Author, Protocol: The complete Handbook of Diplomatic, official and Social Usage.

In a world where everyone is "unique", this book provides those critical skills which could mean the difference between success and mediocrity."
- Lt Col. Robert A. Sberna, Director of Cadet Activities, The Citadel.

"An enjoyable book, full of great information on portraying yourself with excellence that all college students can benefit from reading."
- Elizabeth McCullough, Associate Professor of Law, Charleston School of Law

"An inspiring book that speaks to the heart of how students speak about themselves and understanding the importance of their personal brand."
Horace Tucker, M.A., HRD, Associate Director, School of Business, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida.

"An excellent book for the college student seeking to establish their personal brand and market themselves effectively."
John C. Crotts, Professor, School of Business, College of Charleston.

108 Pages Hardcover book
Copyright 2011
Protocol Publishing
ISBN #978-0-9767841-7-3

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