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"Teaching business etiquette as the subtle, redefining confidence which enables people to excel and succeed in today's corporate culture."~ Cindy Grosso, Founder

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What is your EtiQ?


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The Proper Penguin - The Story of B Polite

Excerpts from Author Reading

Proper penguin chiildrens book

The Journey of Civility is so important, now more than ever it seems. A study conducted by Harvard University, Stanford and the Carnegie Research Institute show that a person's success in business today is attributed:
85% to Social skills...(what I will call polish)
15% to technical knowledge.

So how much polish are we learning on our way to being successful?

How are we equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the understanding of polish and civility? The Charleston School of Protocol is on a major mission to help people "Choose Civility" and The Proper Penguin book is an integral part to help children at a young age begin the journey.

If you would like Cindy Grosso to come and conduct a reading at your school, please know the reading, discussion, and singing of the B Polite song will take approximately 30-45 minutes. She will read the book, projected using a Powerpoint presentation for easy viewing, and conduct a live and lively discussion of the kind attitudes reflected in the book.

For schools within the local proximity, there is no charge to come and read, however there is a small minimum book order requirement, and the school agrees to promote the event. For schools out of the local area, again there is no charge to read, however there is a minimum book order. Please call and we can discuss your investment.

What is in it for the school and the children?

  • Quality book read to the children about manners and civility.
    flag etiquetteChildren see what kindness is, in a way that is fun and inviting

  • Teach civility to the children through a story about a penguin
    flag etiquetteInfluence your students to be kind and respectful to the teachers and staff

  • Learn a fun song about manners
    flag etiquetteReinforce this program by a song that reminds them to be kind

  • Expose them to a fun event
    flag etiquetteTeaches your students in a positive manner that it is cool to be kind

  • You are doing your part to influence children in a positive manner
    flag etiquetteYour school will be associated with understanding and promoting civility

If you would like to partake in this program, it is three easy steps:

1. Contact the Charleston School of Protocol via the methods listed below.

2. Schedule a date.
3. Use the "Reading Promotion Kit" listed below to make copies of posters, letters, order forms, etc.
That's it!

School Reading Promotion Kit includes:
flag etiquetteDownloadable pre-program letter to the parents: This letter is sent home to the parents one week prior to the event.
flag etiquetteDownloadable letter to parents: This is a cover letter to the parents about the book on the day of the reading.
flag etiquetteDownloadable order form: This is the order form to attach to the cover letter above.
flag etiquetteDownloadable Press release:Press release to send to local paper and tv.
flag etiquetteDownloadable poster for school: This poster can be printed for publicizing the program.

We hope to have a chance to encourage your students on the Journey of Civility!


"I know that I am not the first, nor will I be the last to tell you that The Proper Penguin will be one of the best books on etiquette ever written for young people. You presented your message in a way that even our little 4 year olds understood."

Judy Winkle
Westview Primary School
Goose Creek, SC

"Cindy Grosso is the author of The Proper Penguin-The Story of B Polite. She visited our school last Friday and the students loved her!"

Laura Smith
Cathedral Academy
Charleston, SC

"Cindy, thank you very much for making the trip here and giving us great performances! I have heard so many positive comments. I asked one child at the end of the day what his favorite activity had been (and you were among some fine performers!) and without hesitation he said, "the author." I hope you enjoyed your day!"

Sharon Phillips
Merrywood Elementary School
Greenwood, SC
"We so enjoyed your presentation! Both the teachers and the students gave you rave reviews. Please, please know how grateful we are for all that you did to make our reading celebration such a special one."
Lizzie Padget
Forest Lake Technology Magnet School
Columbia, SC

The Proper Penguin School Readings

Some of the schools, who have participated in the Proper Penguin Program:

  • Beech Hill Elementary, Summerville
  • Cathedral Academy, Charleston
  • Charleston Day School, Charleston
  • Dorchester Academy, Dorchester
  • E.B. Morse Elementary, Laurens
  • Eagle's Nest Elementary, Summerville
  • First Baptist Day School, Charleston
  • Flowertown Elementary, Summerville
  • Forest Lake Technology Magnet School, Columbia
  • Fort Dorchester Elementary, Charleston
  • Knightsville Elementary, Summerville
  • Merrywood Elementary, Greenwood
  • Newington Elementary, Summerville
  • Oakbrook Elementary, Summerville
  • Reeves Elementary, Summerville
  • Meeting Street Academy, Charleston
  • Spann Elementary, Summerville
  • Springfield Elementary, Greenwood
  • Westview Primary, Goose Creek
  • Windsor Hill Elementary, Charleston

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