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"Teaching business etiquette as the subtle, redefining confidence which enables people to excel and succeed in today's corporate culture."~ Cindy Grosso, Founder

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What is your EtiQ?

What is your EtiQ?


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One Minute Personal Protocol Coaching Program

The Personal Protocol Coach is a one minute audio designed to assist busy professionals to:
  • Be more confident in building relationships
  • Feel more at ease in professional and social situations
  • Know the proper protocol, because your careers matters

    Here's why:
    Did you know that your manners and etiquette are not actions, but rather symptoms of your attitude? An attitude that is directly related to self confidence and success in your business and personal life.

    We specialize in making you, the busy professional, look good by teaching you the subtle, redefining skills that will put you ahead of the competition. This is a must have for your tool box.

  • You can receive it everyday Monday-Friday 
    The one minute audio format of the Personal Protocol Coach program is a great tool for anyone wanting to learn or discover more about the skill of polish. Delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday, it is the answer to an unasked question. Often times people do not know even the simplest of things when it comes to what is proper in the realm of professional conduct. Many times a person will not ask out of fear that someone will realize they do not know...Fear no more!

    Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive:

    flag etiquetteA positive thought for the day to help with your personal presentation
    - Move with confidence in knowing how to improve your appearance

    flag etiquette
    You will be in the know
    - Do not embarrass yourself or your company by dis-respecting yourself and others

    flag etiquetteNew information everyday
    - Start your day on the right foot by learning something new everyday that results in gaining prestige in your organization and in your personal life

    flag etiquetteInform
    ation on business must knows
    - You will learn valuable information that you did not know on how to create a distraction free environment for business to be conducted more triumphantly enabling you to possible make more money.

    flag etiquetteA quick, fun, easy to listen to message
    - You will easily retain this short clip of information

    flag etiquetteAn easy to handle 60 second format
    - Spend less time learning important information that every polished business person should know, enabling you to get ahead in business

    flag etiquetteThe topics cover a wide range
    - You will be confident in the "How to" in a wide range of topics, as you influence those around you, as they try to emulate and learn from you

    flag etiquetteYou will refresh, renew and update your perception of etiquette
    - You will gain a new perspective of why you want to, not have to, employ the use of these skills

    flag etiquetteThe ability to continue your subscription on an ongoing basis
    You can renew monthly or stop at any time

    Let me explain:

    This one minute audio personal protocol coaching program was written for the business mindset, a right to the point, informative, fun, mini-fact program. By listening just about 60 seconds a day, you will learn the proper thing to do in many situations; important things that you need to know to excel in business.

  • The Proper Handshake
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Networking Etiquette
  • Listening Etiquette
  • Business Meeting Etiquette
  • International Protocol
  • The Art of Speaking
  • Smile Etiquette
  • Tea Etiquette
  • Flag Etiquette
  • Proper Introductions
  • The Proper Use of Titles
  • Golf Etiquette
  • Gift Giving
  • Email Etiquette
  • Thank You Etiquette
  • Invitation Etiquette
  • Correspondence Etiquette
  • Host Etiquette
  • Guest Etiquette
  • Speaking Etiquette
  • Sports Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Deference
  • Positive Body Language
  • Tipping Etiquette
  • The Proper Rights of Passage
  • Toasting Etiquette
  • Dressing
  • And Much More!

    Note: 3 criteria or elements you want in finding the answers to your etiquette questions:
  • Correct information - The information in this coaching program is from a nationally known etiquette expert, Cynthia Grosso. She is an expert in the field of etiquette and has been for more than 15 years.
  • Easy to understand - This is a 60 second audio format that describes the etiquette of the topics listed above.
  • Quick Access - This saves you the time of researching answers to your many etiquette questions.

    Click Personal Protocol Coach to hear a sample of what you will receive:

    You get more than your money's worth!
    If you had to research this information through the many articles, books and even the web, you could spend too much time trying to find the answers to your questions. This product will save you money by having a quick, fun, to the point, positive perspective at your fingertips.

    In summary, here's what you get:

    You will receive this concise, approximately 60 second streaming audio link delivered to your In box Monday through Friday. Easy access, just click on the link and you will hear the program for that day.

    You can get everything you see above and be listening to it within 24 hours after you order. An email confirmation will be sent immediately and within 24 hours you will receive your first email with the coaching session. It comes in a MP3 format delivered by way of a flash player from my site. If you order on a Friday, your program will begin on the following Monday.

  • Purchase Options:

    To receive an email everyday there are two options:

    Daily Option 1:
    If you respond right away, you pay only $4.97 a month, recurring billing. YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED MONTHLY $4.97 for your program. You may cancel at any time!

    Daily Option 2:
    If you will commit to the one year, you can pay $49.97. If you sign up for a year subscription I will offer the program at a one time price of $49.97, that's like receiving 2 months free.

    To order The One Minute Personal Protocol Coaching Program everyday, just click the button below.



    Cancellation Policy : The cancellation at any time policy is applicable to the monthly recurring billing subscription only. Due to discount, the year long subscription is not cancellable.

    Should you decide to cancel your subscription, simply click here and we will cancel as of the date of the monthly recurring renewal.

    P.S. Order with confidence on a secure server

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