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What is your EtiQ?

What is your EtiQ?


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Answer Fella question about sneezing

Story by Esquire�s Answer Fella

Article as written in part in the August 2009 Issue of Esquire Magazine

Page 40 - To read the full article, please visit the August issue of the Magazine.

Q uestion: If a stranger sneezes in a public place and nobody offers a �Bless you� would it be important to offer my own? At what distance might a simpe �Gesundheit� be seen as creepy?

Answer: Cindy Grosso, the founder of the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette and Answer Fella�s authority on all questions of civility, flashes the �go� sign.

If somebody else doesn�t say it first, �yes�, she says, adding, �I would say the rule is somewhere within hearing distance - ten or 15 feet. If someone sneezed 15 feet away in a train car and you screamed, �God bless you,� that�s one thing, but if you said it in a speaking voice, even if the person doesn�t hear it, I don�t think that�s creepy....

Author: Answer Fella

Source: Esquire Magazine

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