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What is your EtiQ?


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Polite Manners




Part of the article published in the January Edition 




Polite Manners.Attitudes not Actions 



Why is it so important to teach our children manners?


When you teach your child to give up their seat for an elderly person or how to properly hold a spoon, or to say please and thank-you.these are not just polite actions you are teaching, but rather you are teaching an attitude an attitude of respect, an attitude of humility, an attitude of appreciation.


The act of saying thank-you is just a result of the feeling of gratitude these are not lessons so much of what to do. but rather, how to be


The article goes onto teach some ways to help children say please and thank you...along with thank you notes, giving up their chair etc.


To read the article in its entirety, see a copy of Mom's in the know.

Author: Cynthia Grosso

Source: Mom's in the Know

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