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Using the Etiquette Edge


Article published in Vitality Magazine
Business etiquetteWritten by Harriet Meyerson
Article found on page 15.

We need courtesy and etiquette more than ever because in today's multicultural workplace, you may be working along side someone who has a different religion, culture or background.

The problem isn't that we are diverse; the problem is that people don't have enough tolerance for each other's differences.  You can't have the attitude your way is the right way or the only way.  Even though you may not agree with other people, you have to respect them.


�Etiquette provides the critical 10% edge of success. Most people know their product or service. The edge you have over others is your personal savvy � your social skills and etiquette,� says Cynthia Grosso founder and owner of the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc.


Etiquette is more about creating a more peaceful environment than it is about knowing which fork to use. There is a peace that comes when you treat people well.


Grosso offer the following strategies for professional etiquette.


Etiquette Leads to Business Success

�Etiquette creates a distraction free environment by which business can be done more successfully. You become successful by building on your strengths not just by correcting your weaknesses. The problem is, however, that most people don�t get to their strengths because they are held up by their lack of social skills,� explains Grosso.


Lack Of Etiquette is a Distraction

Many people don't get to demonstrate their strengths because other people are distracted by their lack of social skills.


For example, if you tend to blurt out everything instead of stopping to think before you speak, you may be thought of as impulsive and you may not be considered for a promotion.


If you don�t know the proper way to dine, your boss may overlook your other strengths and deny you the opportunity to take an important customer to lunch.


�People do business with you because they like you and trust you, �says Grosso.� Etiquette creates the consistent behavior that builds the trust you need for success.�



Etiquette is an Attitude

Etiquette is about how you present yourself. Your actions are a reflection of an attitude of respect for the people around you.  For example, saying thank you comes from an attitude of gratitude.


Three Important Strategies

The following may not seem to be what you think of as etiquette, but they are big factors in attracting others and building trust. The good news is that these three important strategies are easy to learn.


#1 Put a Smile in Your Voice

�Tone of voice is the number one way we show respect for others. A smile will actually change your tone of voice, giving it a more pleasant and persuasive tone, states Grosso. To put a smile in your voice, simply put a slight smile on your face.


#2 Use People�s Names

When people hear the sound of their own name they feel valued and special. When you are talking to someone, say the person�s name. For instance, instead of just saying, �Thank you,� say, �Thank you, Jim.�


#3 Learn to Listening

One of the most respectful things you can do, and also one of the most difficult, is to listen to others. You may be itching to speak and voice your opinion, so it may be hard to restrain yourself and listen attentively to someone else. 


�However, there is more power in listening than there is in speaking," says Grosso. "If I listen to what you say, all I need to address are the issues that are important to you. If I am talking the whole time, I don�t learn what is important to you.� 


Other Etiquette Strategies

There are many other ways you can show your attitude of respect to others: a firm handshake, a show of appreciation, relating to others with compassion and courtesy.


"If you remember to respect others and act in a way that will make the atmosphere peaceful, you will have the etiquette edge that leads to success," says Grosso.








Author: Harriet Meyerson

Source: Vitality Magazine

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