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What is your EtiQ?


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Pinkie Up?

Tea Etiquette Tip - Pinkie Up?
The Tea House Times
Page 7

I once heard that raising your pinkie when holding a tea or coffee cup meant you were of upper social status…is that true?


A tea cup with a handle, is held with the index finger through the handle, while placing the thumb above the handle and the third finger under the handle. The thumb and the third finger are both used for support. The remaining two fingers just curl in.


The raised pinkie myth may have come from several possible origins, one of the more popular thoughts is; In the middle ages, the less refined people ate with their whole hand, while the more refined people ate with the thumb, index and middle finger, leaving the last two fingers to float upward…..


No matter when it actual began, the raised pinkie notion is a fable and does not denote social savvy.



Source: The Tea HouseTimes Magazine

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