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What is your EtiQ?


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Annual Lenox Etiquette Survey



An Increase of Nearly 50% from One Year Ago


LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ, October 22, 2003—Could the stress of today’s hustle-and-bustle lifestyle be diminishing the basic please and thank you courtesies instilled upon us as children?  Lenox, the Gift Company discovered the answer may be yes, based on the results of its fourth annual Lenox Gift-Giving and Etiquette Survey, released today.


The results of this national survey of manners find that a significant percent of respondents, more than one-third (34%), rate the manners of Americans in general as poor.  This is a nearly 50% increase from results in 2002, when 23% of respondents rated the manners of Americans as poor.


As the economy continues to decline, so do our manners:  In 2003, only 18% of respondents rated Americans’ manners as excellent, a sharp decrease from the nearly one-third in 2002.  Conversely, 80% of respondents rate their own manners as excellent – a clear disconnect in perception.


In further support of minding one’s manners, a whopping 95% of respondents agree that good manners are necessary to be successful in business, an increase from 91% in 2001.  So, why are so many checking politeness at the door?  “With such stressful economic times, many of us are focusing on profits and margins rather than politeness and manners,” believes Cindy Grosso, owner and founder of the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette.  “Clearly, how we treat one another impacts business success.”


The Lenox survey of more than 1,000 people conducted by ORC International’s CaravanÒ Survey tracks trends in gift-giving and etiquette and provides an annual national barometer of how Americans demonstrate thoughtfulness and incorporate manners into their everyday lives.  Consider these additional findings from the 2003 survey:


·         45% of those surveyed don’t always send a thank you note after receiving a gift

·         When visiting someone’s home, less than one-third of respondents (28%) always bring a gift for the host or hostess.

·         75% of respondents set the table for dinner at least once a week (up from 65% in 2001)


Lenox, the Gift Company, based in Lawrenceville, N.J., is the only full-line American tabletop and giftware manufacturer.  In addition to Lenox, Lenox Brands also markets Dansk®, Gorham® and Lenox Kirk Stieff Collection.  Together, the brands represent over 450 years of tabletop and giftware experience.  Visit Lenox at their website at or call 1-800-63-LENOX.


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Source: Article published in many publications nationwide

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