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What is your EtiQ?


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The market's down, but manners are up

Third Annual Lenox, the Gift Company, Gift Giving and Etiquette Survey, Reveals that People are More Considerate than Ever

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ, October 17, 2002 -  As the market struggles to regain its former glory, the Third Annual Lenox, the Gift Company, Gift Giving and Etiquette Surveyfound that Americans' manners are just about the only thing on the rise.  In fact, the new Lenox survey discovered that almost one third of the population now believes that Americans have good to excellent manners, a striking 65 percent increase since 2001. 

As the economy continues to sink, people are looking more and more toward self improvement in order to gain success in the work place.  Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute concluded that today, success is attributed 15 percent to the technical skills one possesses for their job and 85 percent to people skills one applies in their job.  Therefore, in order to get ahead in this rough economy, Americans are buffing up their manners. 

The annual Lenox, the Gift Company, survey tracks trends in etiquette and gift giving, provides a national barometer of how Americans demonstrate thoughtfulness and incorporate manners into their everyday lives. 

Typical of down times, people return to a more ritualized lifestyle, which provides control and order in our daily lives during an otherwise uncertain time.  This departure from the go, go, go lifestyle of the recent past is evidenced by increased sales of professional dress, enrollment in professional etiquette schools, and families dining together more often after busy days at work.  Cindy Grosso of Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette(tm) offers, "There has been a return to a more conservative professional atmosphere.  America is tired of sloppiness both in social manners and professional dress."

Other survey findings include:

    §       Adults over the age of 45 are 35 percent more likely than younger folks (ages 18-44) to rate American manners as excellent or good.

    §       People are dining together as a family more regularly.  Almost half the population now sets the table four or more times a week, as compared to only 1/3 a year ago.

    §       Americans are less extravagant with their gift giving.  More than half now deem themselves as practical gift givers, rather than fun, spontaneous or romantic. 

Lenox, the gift company, based in Lawrenceville, N.J., is the only full-line American tabletop and giftware manufacturer.  In addition to Lenox, Lenox Brands also markets Dansk®, Gorham® and Kirk Stieff®, recently rebranded Lenox Kirk Stieff Collection(tm).  Together, the brands represent over 450 years of tabletop and giftware experience.  Visit Lenox at their website at

For more survey information, please contact:
Liz Kaier / Dawn Langeland (212) 453-2235.


Source: Published in many publications nationwide

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