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"Teaching business etiquette as the subtle, redefining confidence which enables people to excel and succeed in today's corporate culture."~ Cindy Grosso, Founder

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What is your EtiQ?


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A Life Well Lived - Having Style 

The Polished Professional


Date:    June 9, 2018
Time:    8:30am - 5:00pm
Location:    The French Quarter Inn
Address:    166 Church Street
More Info:    

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The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette
 The Polished Professional 

Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette will be offering an interactive one day seminar, Saturday, June 9, 2018 from 8:30am - 5:00pm at The French Quarter Inn, located in Downtown Charleston, SC. This location is in the heart of downtown central to all Charleston has to offer. Call for a list of local hotels within close proximity. 

If you can not make The Polished Professional Program live, please see The Polished Professional Program online.

Understanding that polish is a learned skill (and not a matter of some have it and some don't), you can greatly increase your business relationships. Learn the skills that enable you to be immediately liked, trusted and respected.

In order to grow professionally you have to grow personally first. You need first to be aware of the strengths that you possess and how to build on them. This program allows you to that.

Corporations care about how you present yourself because that is how you will represent them!

Ms. Grosso teaches from a value based perspective of "what is in it for me". Understanding the "why" is often more important than understanding the "how." In her programs, both are emphasized.


  • How to Enhance your Ability to Make a Trustworthy and Positive First Impression using the Skills of Correct Personal Presentation
  • Your Center of Power
  • The Visual Components of Your Professional Savvy
  • The Vocal Components of Your Professional Savvy
  • How to Make a Proper Introduction
  • Handshaking Etiquette
  • Business Card Protocol
  • How to Work a Room - Networking
  • How to Sit Correctly
  • How to Enter a Room  Correctly
  • How to go Beyond Posture into  Having Presence
  • How to Have a Successful  Meeting over a Meal
  • American and Continental Styles of Dining


  • About the Conscious and Subconscious Interactions of the First Impression
  • Things that Will Make People Like You or Leave You
  • What your Handshake  Says About You
  • The Difference Between Having Good Posture  and Having Presence
  • The Levels of Acceptable  Professional Dress
  • The Power of Your Voice on Others and Yourself
  • What People Notice About You First
  • Why You Really do not Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression


  • Many other Timely Tips

Invest in yourself and improve your image.

Your investment includes the seminar, notebook, four course tutorial luncheon and afternoon tea. Your investment in this program is $395.00.

For an additional $50.00 you can receive The Professional Savvy Series Professional Table Manners online training course. This is an interactive online course that you can use as a brush up and review for 30 days after completion of the one day seminar. This is a savings of $49.00 off the regular price.

This course is taken at your convenience at your computer; the password will be given to you on Saturday, June 9, 2018 and will be good for 3 months.

Professional Table Manners is not a book or streaming video. It is a state of the art, interactive course that has audio and visual that speaks directly to you....with talking text, click and drag, question and action, actual setting of the place setting. Unlike a video that you just watch, or a book you just read, this is a course that involves participation from you learn more by doing than by watching. It is an achievement, because it is a course that you pass with a final test. You also receive a certificate that is suitable for framing. It can be repeated as often as needed. 

This online course has won the Bronze Medal Award from the Brandon Hall Global Excellence in Learning Awards for excellence in online learning.

Registration is limited.

Three ways to enroll:
1. Call (843) 207-1025 in the Continental USA
2. Register online
3. Click Here to print fax back form

 If the participants must postpone/cancel attendance, the participant may receive a refund of their tuition fee, minus all processing fees and an additional $50.00( US) administrative fee per participant. Postponements/cancellation must be in writing 30 days prior to the program or attendees are liable for the entire fee. International attendees will receive a credit for future participation. 


Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.

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