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What is your EtiQ?


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Civil Savvy Society


Date:    February 25 - April 29, 2017
Time:    9:00 am - 11:00 am
Location:    Bethany United Methodist Church
Address:    118 West 3rd South Street, Summerville, SC
More Info:    


The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc. 
and Summerville Cotillion presents

The Civil Savvy Society

The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc., and Summerville Cotillion have developed the Civil Savvy Society Program that will help teach school age children confidence.

Confidence as defined by Webster is "Faith or Belief that you are acting in a right, proper and effective manner." (Webster's 1b)  From this definition we understand that the basis of confidence lies in manners and etiquette. Manners are the treasure map!!

Manners are not just polite actions; they are a reflection of our attitudes. Therefore, when you teach a child manners, you are teaching an attitude, not an action.  You are not teaching them what to do, you are teaching them how to is much bigger!!!

Manners are such an important part of how a child learns to develop self-respect, character, their identity and relationships.  

As a well known saying states, "The manners of today will be the morals of tomorrow".

Topics of discussion include leadership, self-confidence, attitude, respecting yourself, the art of listening and more. An image and etiquette lesson each week covers subject such as overall image, presenting yourself with confidence, introducing yourself and others, compliments, deference, handshaking, posture, the dining table setting, table manners, cell phone etiquette, thank you notes and much more. 

Four of the sessions will include ballroom dancing. This part of the program is taught by Debbie Housand, former owner of Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

The program is hosted at: 
Bethany United Methodist Church
118 West 3rd South Street
Summerville, SC 29485
Room 127

Boys and Girls in 6th-7th Grade.

Program Dates:
February 25, 2017
March 4, 2017
March 11, 2017
March 18, 2017
March 25, 2017
(April 1, 2017 Flowertown Festival No Class)
April 8, 2017
(April 15, 2017 Easter No Class)
April 22, 2017
April 29, 2017

The program is hosted on Saturday mornings from 9:00 - 11:00 AM.


click here to enroll in the Civil Savvy Society. 

For more information, please call 843-207-1025.

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