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"Cindy Grosso, The Founder of the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette and Answer Fella's authority
on all questions of civility, flashes the go sign
~ Esquire Magazine

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What is your EtiQ?

What is your EtiQ?



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Cursive still used in working world: S.C. professionals speak out in support of education bill  Read More >>

Hear Cindy on National Radio and TV with the latest etiquette issues.

Radio Appearances


In addition to a few of her interviews listed below, Cindy has a nationally syndicated radio show that airs on stations around the United States.


Cindy on the Rocky D Radio Show

WIBC - Indianapolis, Indiana Interview

Mix 92.5 - Seattle, Washington Interview

WSCC 730 - Charleston, South Carolina Interview

WDLB 1450 - Marshfield, Wisconsin Interview

Z93 JAMZ - Charleston, South Carolina

WCCO 830 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

1450 WCTC - New Brunswick, New Jersey


TV Appearances

Dr. Phil Show

"Networking Etiquette" - CNN

"Dining Etiquette" - CNN

"Mobile Manners" - ABC News - Charleston SC

"Outdoor Dining Manners" - CBS News - Charleston SC

Cell Phone Etiquette" - ABC News - Charleston, SC

"Faking it" - The Learning Channel

Good Morning Charleston - ABC News 4

"Perfect Proposal" - The Learning Channel

LowCountry Live - ABC - Tipping Etiquette

"What's Your Beef?" - The Savage Report

LowCountry Live - ABC - Gift Etiquette

America's Favorite City Survey

Politically Polite - ABC News 4

Politically Polite

Party Etiquette

Sports Etiquette

Flag Etiquette

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