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"Teaching business etiquette as the subtle, redefining confidence which enables people to excel and succeed in today's corporate culture."~ Cindy Grosso, Founder

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What is your EtiQ?

What is your EtiQ?



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Formal Attire Required 


Cursive still used in working world: S.C. professionals speak out in support of education bill  Read More >>

Children's Academy


Manners HomeSchool Program


The Children's Academy hosts a number of events and programs from after school programs, Civil Savvy Summer Camps, Civil Savvy Society, tea parties to family dinners hosted through country clubs and fine dining establishments.

For information on:

National Civility Program

Your Manners Matter - National Civility Program
Win a National Civility Program

The Proper Penguin Story Book and Online Learning

Program for Children ages 3-7- The Proper Penguin

 Proper Penguin Learning program

Summer Camps

Civil Savvy Camp for Children - Summer Camp


Cotillion Programs

Civil Savvy Society - Cotillion Program, Charleston, SC

After School Programs

Cultivating Character - After School Programs 

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